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Gewiss Chorus Verteilersystem GW40981VT

Hersteller Nummer: GW40981VT
EAN Nummer: 8011564274969
Hersteller: Gewiss Deutschland


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Gewiss Chorus Verteilersystem GW40981VT CHORUS ENCLOSURE EMPTY CO ORDINATED FLUSH MOUNTING 12 MODULES DIN TITANIUM The widest offer of flush mounting distribution boards and enclosures currently available on the market. Seven families designed to offer advanced solutions in the residential and commercial sector, also available in halogen free material. Versions from 2 to 72 modules, degree of protection from IP40 to IP55 and special versions for plasterboard. The offer also includes the Home Networking Enclosure compliant with Law 164 2014 and Telecom Italia approved. Hersteller Gewiss EAN Nr. 8011564274969


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