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Gewiss Leuchtmelder GW74451

Hersteller Nummer: GW74451
EAN Nummer: 8011564823112
Hersteller: Gewiss Deutschland


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Gewiss Leuchtmelder GW74451 ROUND BACKLIT INDICATOR WITH DIRECT SUPPLY NOMINAL VOLTAGE 230V LAMP FIXING BA95 GREEN The 74 PS range is a system of push buttons, selectors and indicators diameter 22 mm with a degree of protection of IP66 for creating a real interface between man and machine, whilst at the same time controlling the operating status of the drives and equipment to ensure the highest safety standards.The range includes six types of empty enclosure with between 1 and 12 gangs, and enclosures that come fitted with push buttons and contacts. Hersteller Gewiss EAN Nr. 8011564823112


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