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Gewiss Thermostat GW11705

Hersteller Nummer: GW11705
EAN Nummer: 8011564263123
Hersteller: Gewiss Deutschland


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Gewiss Thermostat GW11705 Thermostat UP mit Drehregler 1 Wechsler 2M 230V 8A Cremeweiss Innovative domestic range characterised by an extensive choice of materials, forms and finishes, to meet each and every requirement. Six different forms of plates ONE, GEO, LUX, FLAT, ART, ICE in different colours and materials, with modular devices in four colours glossy white, glossy ivory, satin black, varnished titanium and four different sizes ½, 1, 2, 3 modules . Available for flush mounting and surface mounting installations, the range can be integrated with the KNX domotic system. Hersteller Gewiss EAN Nr. 8011564263123


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